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Foot Spin File

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The foot spin file is the ultimate foot-smoothing miracle! Easily removes any calluses or dead dry skin that is building under your feet. Its durability allows for longer use and has a firm grip to remove any dead skin in any position.

Multi-function integration works on toes, heels, side & the balls of your feet.
Rapidly eliminate mats, thick skin, calloused, hands and feet cocoon, corns, dead skin, and chapped cuticles.
(When eliminating corns, you are recommended to grinding make the ring type operation from corns)
Electronic personal pedicure Kit.
Gently removes calloused and dry skin, Make your feet beautiful and softer.
Non-abrasive stainless steel blade.


High Quality Pedi Spin TV Skin Peeling Device Electric Grinding Foot Care Pro Pedicure Kit Foot File Hard Skin Callus Remover

Foot Spin File